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LitBear Large Pimple Patches (4 Sizes 58 Patches)

LitBear Large Pimple Patches (4 Sizes 58 Patches)


  • ?Extra Coverage for Large and Small Acne Clusters – Larger, contoured pimple patches fit perfectly on acne spots like the back, forehead, chin, cheeks
  • ?Various Larger Sizes – Compared to other brands of acne patches, LitBear offers you larger sizes: 60x60mm, 60x25mm, 14mm, and 12mm, providing the utmost convenience in addressing various sizes of pimples and acne. Whether you have small or larger pimples, we’ve got you covered!
  • ?Shrinks Pimples In 5 Hours – With 60% more gunk-absorbing strength than other brands, our hydrocolloid pimple patches effortlessly pull the pus out of whiteheads from the source
  • ?Protect Skin – Added tea tree essential oil and salicylic acid and provide a protective barrier against irritants, so you can say goodbye to redness
  • ? Excellent after-sale Service – If you have any dissatisfaction with our products, please feel free to contact us. We will refund or send you a replacement (no need to return)

Cleanse the affected area and dry it

Apply the LitBear patch to the affected area

Press lightly for 3-5 seconds to mask sure the acne patch is sticking securely, and leave on for 4-8 hours for the best effect

Depending on the size and stage of the whitehead, you might need to use another patch to pill out more gunk. That’s normal


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