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We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. Inspired by nature, we have selected botanical ingredients that are soft and soft on the skin, allowing you to feel a sense of unrestricted comfort and restoring your confidence in your skin’s health and appearance.

What our customers are saying?

I’m genuinely shocked at how well this works. I’ve tried so many pimple patches and nothing works as well as this brand, not even cos rx!!! It stays on so well even if I apply moisturizer after the pimple patches. It gets all of the pimples, even the ones that don’t show any whiteheads or pustules!

I always used to buy those super expensive patches that honestly never worked that great. I decided to give these a try since you get more for less, I was worried they wouldn’t be as good but I figured just to try them. I FLIPPING LOVE THEM. They stick fairly well and work better than the expensive stuff honestly. I didn’t want to post a picture of the nasty gunk, but it took so much out it just a single night. Absolutely love these and def buying again!!

I use these at night after I do my skincare. I double cleanse my face and out retinol and a thin layer of aquaphor on first. It's important that the layer of whatever moisturizer you use is thin so the patches don't slip off your skin. By the time I wake up in the morning there is much less redness and darkness in any spot I put the patch on. It's not an overnight fix, but after a few nights the spots are mostly gone, or completely gone depending on how bad they were. Would definitely recommend, and will continue buying!

They work better than any other hydrocolloidal patch out there IMO - I love putting them on my face (not pimples , just my pores ) after a hot shower and waking up in the morning seeing all the stuff they pulled out of my pores. They work like a less painful pore strip.

It works great if you have pores with pus and open commodes. Sometimes the edges get unstuck and I’ve tried several different applications to keep it from happening with no winners so far. Like the instructions say, make sure your face is washed with no product on for best adhesion, but even then can slip off.

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